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Take the hassle out of renting your investment, and experience the Handsome Dan Difference today!

Sign up with us and we'll take care of the rest! Short Term Rentals Made Easy for You!
List with a proven, reputable, Vacation Rental Management company.

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Services Offered

Some of the many benefits of listing with Handsome Dans

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Self Promotion

Marketing & Advertising

Committed to maximizing guest occupancy rates!

Our advertising strategy is designed to show people what they can expect from a stay at your property. Our professional booking website and advanced search engine optimization make sure that your property gets the most visibility to maximize your return!

We advertise in a variety of large scale and reach tourism guides, visitor centers and digital spaces.

Guest Services

We manage ALL front facing guest services and communications.

That means you don't have to worry about bookings, guest problems, stocking the cabin with consumables like soap, shampoo, toilet paper or anything. We issue a quarterly property report and communicate to you when anything abnormal happens but other than that you can sit back and collect the payments.

Using Tools


Dedicated to Your Property

We understand your property is important to you. We care for, and inspect, your property so you have peace of mind. We provide light maintenance and repairs and can help arrange larger repairs and tradespeople as needed.

Looking to grow your business? Handsome Dans is here to provide you with all the tools you need in order to reach your goals. Leverage your professional services to maximize your business’ profit. Find out more by exploring the services below.

In House Cleaning


We have dedicated housekeepers to clean your cottage in house. We provide professionally laundered linens from Alsco so you know your guests are being provided with hotel quality linens.

Woman with Cleaning Supplies
Home: Services

Handsome Dan Vacation Rentals gives you peace of mind when renting out your property.
We take care all aspects so that it is easy, worry-free and fun!
We take care of everything from booking guests to making sure there's always something in stock for them at any time to cleaning up after they leave - don't let this opportunity slip by unnoticed; call today to experience the Handsome Dan difference!

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Come Experience The Handsome Dan Difference

Reading a Map

Advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Show up organically on search engines

Handsome Dan's lists your property on our direct website that averages well over 10,000 visits per month which is a ton of potential eyeballs!  In our experience, the added bookings from being listed on Handsome Dans vs only being on Air BnB, VRBO,, etc will net you more in the end than listing alone. Air BNB, and all of those 3rd party platforms account for less than 20% of our bookings.  The other 80% is all through our website and phone calls.  We maintain a Superhost rating on Air BNB however.

People on a Deck

Large Scale provider

First Call for group bookings!

As a large-scale provider of privately owned cottages we are among the first calls that group bookings call when they need properties.  Because we are a first call, we fill up quickly and that allows us to fill unselected cottages with other guests so even if you are not part of any large scale or long-term bookings you still benefit!

Typing on a Computer

Channel Manager


Handsome Dan utilizes a central channel Manager that is easy to use for our owners.  You don't need to juggle multiple calendars when figuring out when you can use your cottage. 

Just log in and it will show you when it is booked and when it is not.  We also subscribe to a text-based AI service to interact with the guests ensuring they receive prompt responses to their most common questions.


Property Inspections

Exceeding Expectations

We inspect your property frequently to stay on top of any missing items or wear and tear and do frequent checks on our cleaning staff to ensure a high standard is maintained.  We also keep a well stocked inventory of regularly needed items available on demand, so you don't have to drive out to your cottage to restock if you don’t want to.

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Social network concept

Social Media Marketing

Organic & Paid Ads

We manage an active social media presence that has proven reliable in rebooking and filling dates from those pesky cancellations.  This gives us an extended reach to new clients and a reliable way of ensuring you don’t miss out on any revenue generating opportunities!

Team Task

On Site Presence

Our local team provides excellent and reliable service

We have local reps who refill propane tanks, replace light bulbs and batteries, and generally act as a quick first contact for guests who are having any issues that can’t be handled over the phone.  We have a multi-person response team and are personally dedicated to making sure all guest issues are handled quickly and professionally.


Brand Recognition & Good Reputation

Exceptional guest reviews!

Handsome Dans has been around for over 10 years, and has word of mouth reputation and annual repeat guests. 

We maintain an over 4.5 stars rating on Trip Advisor and Google. We maintain a super host rating on AirBnB. 

Man Signing

No Locked in Contracts

Not married to us

No locked in contract.  Once you are signed up you can cancel at any time with 30 days notice if it's not working for you.  All we ask is that you honour any reservations that have already been made so as not to impact the guests.

Home: Features

The management of a vacation property is no easy task. It takes time, money and effort to manage  - which distracts from the very reason why you bought your own place in the first place: relaxation!

Handsome Dans understands this struggle intimately and that's why we specialize in providing a service for owners who want more freedom in their everyday life.

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A Message from the Owner

My name is Ken Calvert and my wife Joy and I are the new owners of Handsome Dan Enterprises.  We are currently accepting new owners into the Handsome Dan vacation property rental group.

At Handsome Dan we know how important your vacation cottage will be to you.  We understand that you want to see the best return possible while enjoying it personally with a minimum of stress.  We understand that you want to see your guests have a fantastic experience while knowing that someone is keeping an eye on your property. It can be difficult to achieve all of that while operating your vacation rental yourself and that is where Handsome Dans comes in.  My wife and I are confident we can increase your total bookings and annual return that you put into your pocket.  

Basically, we know it's hard to manage vacation properties and we want to make sure our owners actually get the benefits and enjoyment of the property with as little hassle as possible.

Let us do the work so you don't have to!

If you currently own, or are looking to purchase, a vacation property on Vancouver Island let us know the type and style of property and we can help you figure out what you will see as rental income as an educated estimate.

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Contact Us

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What Our Owners Have to Say

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Joy and Ken are excellent property managers who have consistently exceeded our expectations. They provide excellent communication on everything affecting our property and are very present on site. It is clear they have ample local knowledge, business acumen, and excellent organizational skills. Their involvement managing our rental property has been invaluable and great value for all the work provided.

Paul & Stacey #21 Chateau De Gino

Prior to the arrival of Ken and Joy we were seriously thinking about either managing the cottage rentals ourselves or selling the property.  Since their arrival the management of the property has been wonderful and easy.  Ken and Joy are easy to work with and treat our cottage like they own it and we couldn't be happier.  Everything from the cleanliness of the cottage to the accounting is first class.  My wife and I are miles away in Southern California but knowing that Ken and Joy have our back allows us the peace of mine to sleep well.

Steve & Shelly #224 Chinook Cottage

Working with Ken and Joy has made cabin ownership so easy. We know our property is being well looked after. They are quick to communicate and remediate any issues. The rental side of things is so hands off for us which is perfect. They take care of all the advertising, booking and customer care throughout. We would never consider doing this on our own it just makes so much sense for where we are in life to have our property managed by Handsome Dan’s.

Carla #29 High Tide Hideaway

Working with Ken and Joy has been an absolute pleasure. We didn’t purchase this property to produce rental income, but having them take care of the guests allows us to make passive income with zero concerns when it is not in use by friends and family. Their quarterly reports are super helpful too, as we are not always able to get to the property to check on things. Ken also performs site visits and ensures everything is in good working order ensuring the guests have an awesome experience! We highly recommend using Ken and Joy to manage your property!

Jeff #40 The Cedar Box

Ken and Joy have been a huge asset to the management of our cabin. Since we started working with them, they have gone above and beyond to ensure our cabin is properly maintained and guests enjoy their stay. They have innovative ideas and are very responsive. We are very grateful that they take care of everything so we don't have to worry and it has been a true pleasure to work with Ken and Joy.

Trevor & Susie #51 Quimpers Quarters

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What our guests have to say

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Are you interested in joining us? We are expanding and providing our services across Vancouver Island, BC!


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